“Impossible Sculpture” is a photographic series of imaginary installations across America’s national and tribal parks. LED solar-powered sculptures illuminate landscapes generated through Midjourney AI prompts, featuring the imaging capabilities of our studio equipment, design parameters, & creative styling details.

Each sculpture is envisioned with materials constructed from platinum, gold, lithium, steel, aluminum, wire, glass, mirror, acrylic, or crystal. The natural light transitions to a starlit sky, balancing the dreamlike ambiance of the sculptures, blurring boundaries of possibility to contemplate the juxtaposition of technology, AI, and our relationship with the natural world.

The images exemplify ambiguous tension and restriction between construction and legal feasibility, like national and tribal park laws that respect the natural integrity of the environments, making these sculptures impossible to build. Their presence speaks to the unquenchable ambition of resource extraction, and shifting social norms created in the wake of technological advancement.

With the advent of image generation, AI has the potential to super-charge an artist’s creative vision to challenge the allure of limitless possibility. This exhibition underscores an exploration that encourages a commitment to strengthen the social conscience that will cherish and conserve the wonders of our natural world past the dawn of artificial intelligence.